M8 | Infusion – Six Feet Above Yesterday


Infusion – Six Feet Above Yesterday

Brilliant live, responsible for a couple of the best tracks of the last twelve months, and highly rated by Sasha, Zabiela, etc. Infusion are shaping up to be one of the best new dance acts for a long time.   Their devastating blend of live instruments and dirty 4/4 breaks has brought new vibrancy and inspiration to the dance music community.

So this album is their statement of intent; it starts with the massive ‘Better World’ and then continues to bruise through another few guitar-laden pieces of rough, raw breaks. Then comes second release, ‘Girls Can Be Cruel’, a very Freeland-like chunky, club rocking tune with a great guitar lick and equally catchy lyrics.  From there things calm down mid album, showing they’re equally adept at turning out entrancing melodic tunes, the dip in pace giving the album a nice structure, before ‘Rattlewasp’ blasts you back to reality.  Overall it’s a fantastic debut, and a wakeup call to some of the bigger dance acts.