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90 seconds with Maxim

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No I took on board all the production of Fallen Angel. I got a friend who is a budding producer to help me. So the whole process was a learning curve, and I learnt much more about song writing and production than ever before.

It’s hard to explain, but it’s the whole process of preparing for stage, the crowd the anticipation of being on stage and the adrenalin that creates. When the 1st bar of the music kicks in this other person makes an appearance. So it’s a combination of all the elements that create that stage persona.

Yes I have given that some thought but the timing is not right plus my current influences stretch much further than just Reggae and Ska now. That’s probably why I haven’t done it yet!

No tour plans as the Prodigy are in full flow at the moment. But if I do get the opportunity to take this album on the road I would just do small 300 capacity shows for a more intimate vibe with a full band.

I just wanted to do something different and challenge myself. Because I took the production on myself with the help of a friend, who happened to be a producer I learnt so much more about it. I wanted more song based tunes so I learnt more about song structures. There are less collaborations on this album as I wanted to do something much more personal. I was experimenting with different vocal styles and guitars. The voices that feature are all people I know personally. I didn’t want to go for the big names and therefore collaborate with someone I had never met. This album is definitely home grown.

You can’t write dance music off as everyone likes to dance, it will always be around. I think what we are waiting for is new bands to emerge from that scene. I mean bands as performing bands, not just people standing behind keyboards.

You are better off asking Keith…but we are all into music, in my case since the age of 14, so that’s what I do. Keith is into extreme sports and things as well but you will have to press him on those details.

Not a clue- I take it a day at a time. Who knows what the next years hold or doesn’t! You should live for now.

Thanks Peter glad you enjoyed the shows.


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