Re:Union | Vector Lovers – Capsule for One


Laptop producer, Martin Wheeler AKA Vector Lovers, is a self confessed addict of all things Japanese and robotic – a fact which is evident in this latest release.

‘Capsule for One’ is Martin’s second release for local label Soma, under the Vector Lovers guise, and continues the label’s record of fine releases this year.

The album starts with the serene beauty of ‘City Lights’, before slowly building through several intricately produced futuristic soundscapes, blending solid beats and a cacophony of robotic melodies. At the core of the album is the dubby, sleazy house that Soma are famous for, but tracks like ‘To the Stars’ and ‘Melodies & Memory’ dabble with broken beats and trippy ambient vibes.

There are definite nods to his peers and heroes: Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk and Boards of Canada, and this is certainly a piece of work any of the above would be proud of.  The album moves seamlessly along like an android’s dream, with the sheer depth of production and European sound, belying his relative obscurity and Reading background.

My only criticisms are that there are no real stand-out tracks to bring him the success he deserves, and that there’s a definite lack of soul to proceedings, it’s all a bit cold and calculated – as if one of his beloved robots has been behind it all.  But then I think that’s the point really, it is the perfect soundtrack to a crisp, snowy winters day, or a train journey through Tokyo, all precision moulded beats and layered electronic noises.

He rocked the SLAM tent at this years T in the Park, and regularly does the same at Pressure, so pick up the album or catch him live before Vector Lovers is the name on everyone’s lips.